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OtterBox Car Vent Mount Charger for MagSafe Radiant Night

SKU 78-80532
UPC 840104263860
Retail Price $49.95
Sleek Wireless Charger Car Vent Mount for MagSafe creates a simple, convenient connection in your car for charging your iPhone between destinations. Simply attach the mount to your vent, connect it to the cable and car charger and you’re ready to go far and wide. Product Features:
  • Designed for seamless interaction with MagSafe technology​
  • Strong magnetic alignment and attachment​
  • 15W Qi wireless charger delivers optimal 7.5W charging speeds
  • One-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark ring illuminates mount in low light settings
  • Secure attachment to vertical and horizontal vents​
  • Adjusts easily for optimal viewing and access​
  • Holds phone securely in landscape and portrait positions​​​
  • Designed for seamless interaction with MagSafe technology
  • Includes 20W car charger
Color: Black